How often should you restring? 

More than you do now is the probable answer!! 

String your racket frequently, at least as many 

times a year as you play in a week. 

This ensures that you:

maintain a consistent racket and play better

- minimise injury risk and play longer


Infrequent Stringing = Inconsistent Racket

Delayed restringing risks wasted time compensating for changing string tension instead of working on your game. Consistency is key.

You want to play with the same racket as you did yesterday - one that will behave the same way in the same situations. Let your muscle memory take care of swinging while you figure out what you've got to do to beat the guy on the other side of the net.


Old Brittle Strings Risk Tennis Elbow

Strings lose their elasticity over time, becoming brittle and unresponsive.        So more of the impact energy on hitting is transmitted to your arm.

Try pulling your strings apart on your racket. If they are really tough to move and make a creaking noise, that is a sure sign that they have lost their elasticity.